Marc Baker, Executive Director479-785-2303 ext.
Gina Townsend, HR Director/Office Manager/ROMA Coordinator479-785-2303 ext.
Robin Moses, Receptionist479-785-2303 ext.

Financial Department

Darlene Hill, Financial Director479-785-2303 ext.
Marcy Acord, Bookkeeper I479-785-2303 ext.
Debbie Stewart, Bookkeeper II479-785-2303 ext.
Vanessa Vasquez, Accounts Receivable Specialist479-785-2303 ext.

Child Care Food Program

Carol Jenkins, CCFP Director479-785-2303 ext.

Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (Li-HEAP)

Carol Jenkins, HEAP Coordinator479-785-2303 ext.
Linda Stafford, HEAP Intake479-785-2303 ext.
Barbara Cox, HEAP Case Manager479-785-2303 ext.

Homeownership Center

Christy Lewis, Homeownership Center Director479-785-2303 ext.
Ronnie Miller, Self Help Housing construction supervisor479-785-2303 ext
Griselda Perez, Housing Counselor Manager479-785-2303 ext.
Calvin Williams, Rural Housing Manager479-785-2303 ext.
Michael Fuchtman, Self-Help Manager479-785-2303 ext
Becky Denton, Housing Counselor/Financial Coordinator479-785-2303 ext 117
Dean Wein, Housing Development Officer479-785-2303 ext.
Deedra Hershel, Adminstrative Assistant479-785-2303 ext.

Weatherization Department

Debbie Biggs, Weatherization Director479-785-2303 ext.
Kate Fuchtman, Weatherization Assistant479-785-2303 ext
Veronica Quinteros, Weatherization Assistant479-785-2303 ext
Kathy Allen, Auditor479-785-2303, ext
Eddie Powers, Auditor, QCI Inspector479-785-2303 ext. 128
Sean Cox, Auditor, QCI Inspector479-785-2303 ext
Josh Sebo, Auditor,
Weatherization Field Assistant
479-785-2303 ext
Paul Etzkorn, Auditor,
Weatherization Field Assistant
479-785-2303 ext

Community Dental Clinic

Lisa Woodard, Manager479-782-6021 ext
Receptionist479-782-6021 ext 201
Jessica Weindel, Dental Assistant479-782-6021 ext

River Valley Regional Foodbank

Tracy Engel, Director479-785-0582 ext
Charleene White, Office Manager479-785-0582 ext
Julie Moncrief, Grants 479-785-0582 ext
John Knight, Warehouse Specialists479-785-0582 ext
Tom Martin, Warehouse Specialist479-785-0582 ext 105
Leonard Sheperd, Warehouse Specialist479-785-0582 ext 204
Roger Blackwell, Warehouse Specialist479-785-0582 ext 105
James Martin, Warehouse Specialist479-785-0582 ext 105
Bud Titsworth, Warehouse Specialist479-785-0582 ext 105
Warren Porter479-785-0582 ext 105
Ernest Smith479-785-0582 ext 105
Bobby Morgan479-785-0582 ext 105
Barry Pritchett479-785-0582 ext 105

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