Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) is a unique program that provides financial assistance and services to assist those who are experiencing homelessness to be quickly re-housed and stabilized.

Potential assistance includes short-term rental assistance, housing relocation, and stabilization services such as budgeting classes, utility payment assistance, assistance in job searches and case management.

This program will be available to people in Crawford, Sebastian, Polk, Logan, Franklin and Scott counties. ESG clients must meet the income requirement of 30% area median income. Income guidelines below.

Rapid Re-Housing Assistance.

Rapid re-housing assistance is available for persons who are homeless according to HUD’s definition. Individuals and families who meet the criteria, along with the minimum requirements are eligible under the rapid re-housing portion of the ESG.
Examples of homelessness are:

>Sleeping in an emergency shelter;

>Sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, abandoned buildings, streets/sidewalks;

>Staying in a hospital or other institution for up to 180 days but was sleeping in an emergency shelter or other place not meant for human habitation (cars, parks, streets, etc.) immediately prior to entry into the hospital or institution;

>Graduating from, or timing out of a transitional housing program; and

>Victims of domestic violence who are living in a shelter to house victims of abuse.

Homelessness Prevention

The ESG is focused on housing for the homeless and at-risk households. It will provide temporary financial assistance and housing relocation and stabilization services to individuals and families who are facing eviction (tenant must have been served with a legal eviction notice) and would be homeless but for this assistance.

For more information, please call 479-785-2303 ext 126 or email Patty Riley at plpark@cscdccaa.org

Household size and Income Guidelines for Sebastian and Crawford Counties


Household size and Income Guidelines for Franklin and Polk Counties


Household size and Income Guidelines for Logan County


Household size and Income Guidelines for Scott County


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