Family Services Adds Two New Programs

Marc Baker, Executive Director of Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. announced today that funds will be available to assist residents of Fort Smith who have been directly affected by the COVID-19 virus. These funds are CDBG- CV1 funds to Prevent, Prepare, and Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  If you are a resident of Fort Smith, have been affected by COVID-19, and meet the income guidelines, you may apply for assistance.  You must supply both proof of income and proof that you have been directly affected by the virus. Proof that you were affected can be provided through unemployment claims history documentation, proof you have been tested or were quarantined, and/or a letter from your employer on company letterhead. Other documentation may be required as well.

Assistance being offered to qualifying individuals:

Fort Smith Residents Mortgage/Rental Assistance- up to $1000.00 over the course of two consecutive months. This assistance is first come first serve until funds are depleted.

Fort Smith’s Children’s Clothing Lottery- 125 K-12 children by lottery will be awarded a $480.00 winter clothing assistance shopping spree with a C-SCDC staff member or volunteer  (Parents/Guardians must be present).

Eligibility for CDBG-CV1 assistance is determined by the following income guidelines (you must provide the most recent 4 weeks proof of income for all adults and children receiving income in the home):

            Household Size                                  Yearly Income

            1 person                                                $30,450.00

            2 persons                                              $ 34,800.00

            3 persons                                              $ 39,150.00

            4 persons                                              $ 43,450.00

            5 persons                                              $ 46,950.00

            6 persons                                              $ 50,450.00

            7 persons                                              $ 53,900.00

            8 persons                                             $ 57,400.00

Applicants must furnishsocial security numbers for all household members, proof of identification and proof of income for the most recent month.  This is the basic information, but once the application is received other verification may be requested.  With the new COVID-19 requirements, appointments will not be scheduled at this time. To obtain an application you can find one on our website under the Family Services tab or you may call Dana at 479-785-2303 ext. 116 to request one to be mailed or e-mailed to you. If you call and get voicemail please leave your full name, number, and address including zip code. You may also e-mail [email protected] with the same information to request an application. 

Please keep your messages short and precise to assist in a timely return call. Please do not leave duplicate messages. This will only lengthen the time you will receive your return call.

When turning in your application, please have the application completed fully and all documents and basic information attached to assist in faster processing times. You may turn in your application at our drop box at 1617 S. Zero by the right side door, attn. Dana, or you may fax it to 479-709-9078, attn. Dana. If more information is needed, we will contact you by the phone number(s) provided on your application. Once applications are received, we will make a minimum of two attempts to call the phone number(s) provided to gather any remaining documentation needed. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date with C-SCDC. After a minimum of two failed attempts have been made C-SCDC reserves the right to deny your application. Further, if your child’s number is chosen for the Children’s Clothing Lottery, the same two times to contact rule applies as well.