Marc Baker, Executive Director of Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. announced today that funds will be available to assist residents of Crawford and Sebastian counties with their heating bills beginning Monday, January 11, 2021.  If you are a resident of Crawford or Sebastian Counties and meet the income guidelines, you may apply for assistance.  You must supply both utility bills, unless you are total electric.

Eligibility for summer utility assistance is determined by the amount of income a family receives.  To be eligible, the following income guidelines apply:

     Household Size                  Monthly Income

     1 person                         $ 1,805.00

     2 persons                        $ 2,360.00

     3 persons                        $ 2,915.00

     4 persons                        $ 3,471.00

     5 persons                        $ 4,026.00

     6 persons                        $ 4,581.00

     7 persons                        $ 4,955.00

     8 persons                        $ 5,515.00

For each additional family member above 8 persons, add $560.00.  These income amounts are slightly higher than last year, which allows more families to receive benefits.

Applicants must furnish both utility bills, unless you are total electric, social security numbers for all household members, proof of identification and proof of income for the previous month.  This is the basic information, but once the interview is conducted other verification may be requested.  With the new COVID-19 requirements, appointments will not be scheduled at this time.  The interviews will be conducted by phone so you must supply a phone where you can be reached.

You may request an application by e-mail, [email protected], and phone, 479-785-2303 extension 100, 102, and 103.  Please do NOT leave a request on each extension, chose ONE and leave your name and address then an application packet will be mailed to you.  We do not need a reason why you are calling for an application, we know that you are in need if you are requesting an application.  So, please keep your messages short and precise.

When you receive the application, please complete the application, supply the basic documentation listed above, and drop of at 1617 S. Zero in the drop box, or you may fax it to 479-709-9078 or scan it and e-mail it to [email protected]. The application must be completely filled out and signed.  If more information is needed we will contact you by mail with a written request for the information.